360 Safe VR

Virtual Reality Safety training for construction, engineering, rail and aviation

Give teams an immersive, up-close training experience, without putting them in danger

What is it?

VR video for inductions, ongoing training and project specific Health and Safety issues.

We film key scenarios with our 360 degree VR cameras, and produce video that your teams watch on VR headsets.

We provide the hardware, deliver initial training on site and monitor response so that your teams get the maximum benefit from the training, and you can account for its impact.

What are the benefits?

We place cameras in positions too dangerous for people, so the viewer can experience first-hand hazardous situations in a safe environment.

Impactful and highly engaging experiences make health and safety training more effective (VR training has been used to improve operating theatre safety for more than a decade – source: BMJ)

2020SHE and Forward Slash Films have jointly launched 360safeVR bringing together industry leading safety experts, and award winning filmmakers to deliver the best experience for you

Why now?

VR technology is still developing, so 360SafeVR gives companies the opportunity to be industry leaders with this exciting innovation in safety training.

360SafeVR now uses a pioneering VR synchronisation app, which makes rolling out training to your teams incredibly simple and smooth.


Find out more

Contact Liz Cunningham at Forward Slash Films, or Shelley Stiles at 2020SHE to arrange a demo now.