Trash Tevez – For Betfair

The brief

use the Carlos Tevez situation to create real-time engagement with football fans for Betfair (having defected from Manchester United to Manchester City, Tevez had refused to warm up during a game for City and then absconded complaining of homesickness – resulting in both United and City fans turning against him).

What we did

created a video of a stunt encouraging football fans to skip their Tevez shirts.  The video gained 200,000 views on the first day on youtube, made the top 5 most viewed videos chart, and was featured in the Daily Mail, Mirror, Sun, Sky and BBC, as well as appearing on Argentinian TV news, gaining worldwide visibility for Betfair.

The feedback

“Creating an online video that goes viral is a mix of idea, execution and planning – working with Forward Slash on the ‘Trash your Tevez Shirt’ video was fantastic, the team got some brilliant, genuine fan reactions and really captured a moment in time in football.  We’ve worked with Forward Slash on a number of Betfair campaigns, and are delighted to have gathered hundreds of thousands of views in the process.”